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Prepare for "Awwwwww."

OK, so maybe we can't blame Aaron Rodgers(notes). All he did was his job, which was to attempt to score touchdowns against the defense in front of him, which, on Monday night, happened to be that of the Minnesota Vikings.

Sadly, this poor little girl's hopes were pinned to the Vikings beating the Packers. That did not come close to happening.

I think my favorite part is when mom suggests that maybe the Vikings will win next time, and the little lady is hearing none of it. "All of them are the same," she sobs.

Well, not all of them, honey, just seven of the nine games the Vikings have played this year. Mom should probably use this as a teachable moment and turn around and teach her daughter how to spell "At least we aren't the Colts" with the letters on the dishwasher.

Gracias, Sportress, via Rant Sports.

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