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The 2008 second overall pick in the NBA draft, Michael Beasley(notes), apparently was having a hard time dealing with the pressure. So the Miami Heat forward checked into a drug rehab in Houston where he'll reportedly be under the guidance of former NBA player and coach John Lucas(notes), who runs a center for professional athletes with substance-abuse problems and has had his own past issues with the stuff, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Beasley apparently was posting a lot of things on Twitter that had more than a few people worried, according to the Miami Herald. His postings reportedly had a subtext that suggested that Beasley might not have the willingness to live much longer. And the capper came when he posted a photo of himself with a new tattoo and two little bags in the background that people speculated were filled with marijuana.

Beasley will likely be in the facility for two weeks. And the Heat should be sure not to bring Stephon Marbury(notes) in for any audition. The guy recently smoked pot in a video that was posted online.

Source: Miami HeraldYahoo! Sports

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