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As promised, Lakers forward Pau Gasol(notes) made a guest appearance on "CSI: Miami" on Monday for about, oh, 10 minutes before getting killed off by a deadly car crash instigated by a wandering alligator.

Gasol, who owned a profitable video game company in the episode, walked away from the accident — and pulled an unconscious victim from the other car — but died shortly thereafter in jail because "his brain stopped working."

Here's a look at the "highlights" ...

"It was challenging, it was fun to be on a big-time show," Gasol told The Los Angeles Times. "I'm proud of the job that I did."

Phil Jackson was less impressed, joking that his seven-foot center's television gig was responsible for his real-life strained hamstring. That, and how much "CSI: Miami" blows.

"I think he got injured on CSI and he's not telling us the truth," Jackson joked before the Lakers faced the Detroit Pistons at Staples Center. "I watched that program (Monday) night just to see if that was what it was about.

"He dragged that kid out of the car. I'm sure that's where he got his injury. I've never watched that show before. I can't believe people watch that stuff.

"I told him to keep his night job, what the heck."

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Ball Don't Lie

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