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Well, this is fun.

Scottie Pippen felt compelled to put out a press release today, regarding his cameo in some straight-to-DVD movie called "Midgets vs. Mascots," starring Gary Coleman.

According to Game On, the flick has generated gossip because Coleman — who made a trip to the ER this week — is upset that it includes inadvertent nude footage of him. (Isn't that the worst kind?)

As for Pippen, he has his own issues with the movie. But before you start accusing him of beating up midgets, hear him out.

What's that? You never suspected Scottie Pippen of beating up midgets.

Oh, well, here's a weird press release from the former Bulls All-Star just in case you do.

[Note: Make sure you check out the video below.]

"Given the recent controversy surrounding Gary Coleman, the fact that I've been repeatedly asked questions about my small part in the movie 'Midgets vs. Mascots,' and a related video posted online which shows me being assaulted by a group of Little People, I want to clear up any misunderstandings.

"In 2008, I agreed to play a cameo role in a movie titled 'A Tribute to Big Red' (now titled 'Midgets vs. Mascots'). My role was scripted, and the first two scenes went off without any problems. During the third scene, I was told that four Little People, along with actor Gary Coleman, were going to become angry with something I said and storm off as the scene ends. Instead, they basically attacked me, with Gary Coleman apparently climbing on a chair behind me to hit me over the head with a phone (twice).

"A short fight ensued before I heard the film's director yell 'cut.' As I recall, some of the Little People were laughing as the director explained that the scene was 'sort of like an episode of the TV show 'Punk'd.'' At that point, I left quickly without a clear understanding of what was going on.

"As for the Little Person who claims he was injured in the attack, I really don't think I caused the injury or can be held to blame. To the best of my knowledge, there is no action being taken against me, nor am I pursuing any action. For the record, I have never seen the movie and, in hindsight, wish I'd not been involved with it. I simply wanted to make clear my role and position as I understand the movie is coming out soon. I will not be answering any further questions regarding the film."

Umm ... OK?

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