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He's one of the developing stars of mixed martial arts but that may not be for long if his movie career takes off. Cung Le is on extended hiatus from the cage to make  movies. His next flick, Fighting Movie, comes out next week. He and the star Channing Tatum were hanging at The Fight Expo in San Diego where Cage Writer got him to talk about a timetable for a return and if there's ever a shot at an Anderson Silva fight.

Le said first he wants to stop the chirping and excuses coming from Frank Shamrock:

"He says that he fought my fight because he wanted to challenge himself. He didn't want to take me down. I'm not sure what fight he was watching. He attempted to take me down. We'll do it again, see if he can take me down."

Shamrock and Le locked horns in a Fight of the Year candidate in March of 2008. Le won the fight and broke Shamrock's arm.

Watch Le talk about the chance of a UFC fight with Silva (2:30 mark):

Le, 36, would love a crack at the UFC middleweight champ Silva just to answer the challenge but it sounds like fighting is kind of a side gig right now and he seems intensely loyal to his current promotion Strikeforce.  

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