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The Oakland Athletics are spending $10 million on Ben Sheets(notes) this season and it looks like they may still go ahead and shell out some bucks for Johnny Damon(notes) as well, according to ESPN and

But while the team is generally thought to have slightly overpaid for Sheets, who didn't play last summer, it is expected that it will slightly underpay for Damon, who came into the off-season wanting a three- or four-year deal for $13 million or more annually. There's no way he's getting that from Oakland at this point in the off-season.

The problem for Damon, of course, is that he seemingly priced himself right out of the marketplace and now there aren't tons of room for him. Yankees GM Brian Cashman basically told that there was no way a deal could get done: "I'm not having any discussions on him," Cashman told "His abilities exceed the money that I have."

The Yanks are believed to be interested in signing Reed Johnson(notes), Rocco Baldelli(notes), or Randy Winn(notes) to take Damon's place in left field.

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