Diapers??? I never would have guessed that.

Apparently, though, at least one Colorado Rockies fan has decided to show solidarity with his team by dressing in purple body paint and a diaper. And as you can see in the video, it's every bit as disturbing as you might imagine. 

After witnessing it, there are only a few things that come to mind:

1) Jimi Hendrix is rolling over in his grave, dude. When he was talking about Purple Haze, I sure as heck don't think that's what he had in mind.

2) Diapers should have a weight limit. This video's like a runaway bakery truck ... the rolls be going everrrrrywhere.

3) I was deeply troubled for a minute because I felt like I had seen something eerily similar before. Then, I remembered ...

Dan Lamothe writes about the Boston Red Sox year-round on his blog, Red Sox Monster.   

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