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Back in the day, they often shouted "Give that fan a contract!" on the public-address system at Baltimore Orioles games when a fan would catch a foul ball.

The Chicago Cubs have no such tradition at Wrigley Field, though even Rex Barney's trademarked saying wouldn't be enough to cover what happened there Wednesday night.

It would have to be something like, "Give that fan a contract, and get a fresh diaper for that baby he's holding!"

Watch this Cubs fan make the bare-handed play of the night, with a babe in arms, from the upper deck grandstand:

Cubs broadcaster Len Kasper even evokes Barney by paraphrasing him. Nice work.

Now, the only way someone could improve upon that catch would be to also have a full cup of beer in the same hand of the same arm that holds the baby. (That's not a challenge; I'm just saying.)

Also, I think the kid would have slept through the whole thing if his section hadn't made such a ruckus about the catch. That's got to be his first Cubs game. And it was a win, too! That's more luck in one night than the team's had in the past 103 years.

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