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Ooh, burn! MLB toaster provides funny postseason commentary

MILWAUKEE — Fans heading to the Milwaukee Brewers team shop down the left-field line at Miller Park during the NLCS can find all sorts of T-shirts and caps featuring Ryan Braun(notes), Prince Fielder(notes) or their favorite Racing Sausage.

But they best not forget to visit the housewares section, where fans might buy glasses, pitchers (not the Randy Wolf(notes) kind) and barbecue equipment with Brewers insignia. Best of all, fans can buy Brewers toasters — which will burn the logo of their favorite team into their daily bread for a mere $50.

OK, so maybe this is old news. You've probably seen these online for $34.95.

But check out which teams are featured on the box. Yes, those are New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox logos adorning the toasted demonstration bread and a Brewers sticker slapped onto the side of the toaster that spit them out. Oh, irony. Their seasons are toast, while the small- (Milwaukee) and mid-market toasts (St. Louis) play on!

It makes sense from a marketing standpoint to use Yankees and Red Sox if the box is going to be generic. The manufacturer obviously knows who butters their bread.

Unfortunately, it also opens them, and the two elite clubs, to laughs and finger points from the peanut (butter) gallery.

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