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The Restore The Gulf movement is underway and many of the region's most famous residents have come together to make a fundraising video. Let's see, there's Sandra Bullock and John Goodman and Dr. John and Antoine Batiste and Lenny Kravitz and ... Clay Hensley(notes)?

Yes, that's the Florida Marlins relief pitcher — previously best known for selling "I gave up No. 755" autographs — adding his star power between the bassist from Spinal Tap and Dave Matthews in the commercial above. Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post reports that Brian Sanches(notes) also filmed a clip at Dodger Stadium that day, but wasn't included. (The producers must have thought that Hensley nailed the role of Marlins pitcher no one can identify.)

Snark and strange inclusions aside, both Hensley and Sanches are Texas natives and their communities have a big interest in seeing the devastating effects of the BP oil spill cleaned up. Actually, we all have a big stake in this environmental outcome, so please consider lending your support if you haven't already. 

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