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From D.C. to Pensacola: Jim Riggleman back in the dugoutIt seems fair to say Jim Riggleman lost on his big gamble this year.

After resigning from the Washington Nationals in the middle of the season, Riggleman wanted to get back in the dugout next year.

How badly did he want to manage again? On Monday, Riggleman became the skipper of the Cincinnati Reds' Double-A team in Pensacola, Fla.

Riggleman has a connection with the Reds' organization in GM Walt Jocketty. Jocketty was the GM of the St. Louis Cardinals when Riggleman worked for them as a minor-league field coordinator.

Last June, Riggleman tried to force his hand with the Washington Nationals, threatening to resign if Nats GM Mike Rizzo didn't pick up his contract option for 2012. However, the power play didn't quite work out, as Rizzo called Riggleman's bluff, showed him the door and moved Davey Johnson into the dugout.

While most baseball observers were trying to comprehend what Riggleman was thinking, he looked to be enjoying his newfound freedom and having a few pops with the people. (Either that, or he was trying to numb himself after his move spectacularly backfired.)

For all we know, Riggleman may have kept hanging out in that bar for the rest of the season, hoping that someone else would come over, say hello and ask the bartender if he/she could turn on the Nats game. As it turns out, the San Francisco Giants hired him to do some scouting work for the rest of the season; Riggleman had an offer on the table to continue as a scout with the Giants next year, too.

As of this time, there is no word on whether or not Riggleman received a multi-year commitment from the Blue Wahoos.

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