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As far as I'm concerned, we can all stop making t-shirts because no one's ever going to top this one featuring Ken Griffey Jr.(notes) in Simpsons form. Not going to happen. No way, no how.

The lucky owner of this shirt is none other that Brian Haley, a loyal Stewie who purchased it off eBay from a seller named Finale94. Brian says "this is the only shirt I'll wear from now on" and, really, can you blame him? A jungle doesn't have enough green to color my jealousy.  

Fashion Ump ruling: Game-winning grand slam

For a few more Fashion Ump calls, read below ...

* * * 

Speaking of Seattle, the Fashion Ump made a trip out there a few weeks ago and added an old-school M's trident hat to his collection of fitteds. Dan Meyer(notes) would be proud.

Fashion Ump: RBI double 

* * *

If the Royals and Pirates can play every year while wearing Negro League uniforms, then our support of interleague play strengthens that much more.

Fashion Ump: Complete game shutout

* * *

There are many men born to wear a baseball uniform. Bill Cosby was not one of them.

Fashion Ump: Gut check time?

* * *

* * *

More teams than ever are wearing a red jersey of some sort and I'm generally a fan ...

Fashion Ump: 6-for-6, hit for the cycle

* * *

... though not when the Blue Jays wear it on Canada Day.

Fashion Ump: Oh, Canada?

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