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Allow me to say both I'm so sorry to the Rays fans and you're very welcome to all the Red Sox fans out there: I may have had a direct impact on this ALCS outcome

Hear me out here: On Thursday, Dan Lamothe (a.k.a. the Red Sox Monster) issued a plea on his blog for all Boston fans to cut their hair into a "reverse hawk." The reasoning, of course, being that it would counter whatever magic Tampa Bay had been pulling from its Rayhawks.

Sensing an opportunity to get in a barb(er) at a fellow blogger, I sent RSM an email telling him to put his razor where his scalp is. After all, how could a blogger ask his readers to do something he'd would even think of doing to himself? 

I was only (sort of) joking, but being the standup guy he is, this was Dan's reply: "Oh, it's on now. Just have to get home from work."

And so when Dan returned from a hard day at the office, he had the lady in his life take the clippers to the middle-section of his noggin' even though she wasn't a fan of the movement — and even though the Red Sox were already trailing Tampa Bay 5-0 by the time the cut was finished.

You all know what happened next.

Thing is, Dan's cut opens the door for an interesting debate on just what impact it had on the Red Sox's Game 5 comeback and subsequent Game 6 triumph.

Because he covers the military for a living, he had to go Mr. Clean before reporting for work the next day. Considering the quick conversion to bald dome, one could make the argument that the ReverseHawk had absolutely no impact on what has happened.

But on the other hand, it may have had the impact of a cleansing ritual.

Simple, yet very effective.

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