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There's little doubt that Jonny Gomes is quickly becoming the King of the Postseason Photo Op. Despite not even being on the rosters for the ALDS or ALCS, so far we've seen him hoisting a jock cup like a beer stein after clinching the AL East and waving around a bottle of tequila after the ALDS.

Today he was carrying around an ax of some sort at Tropicana Field during the ALCS workout day. I asked our own Gordon Edes to find out why Mr. Gomes was swinging an ax, but apparently he couldn't get close enough without jeopardizing his own personal safety. Hopefully he can find out later.

While we're waiting, have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world.

How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Wednesday's Lebowski-laced C-a-C:

'Say, friend, you got any more of that good sarsaparilla?'

1st — Too Much Fantasy.  (Well done, sir. This one's an all-time classic.)

Ringolsby: Hey Charlie, what happened to your left arm?
Manuel: You know. When you win the division series
Ringolsby: Yeah?
Ringolsby:You go out and celebrate, and you usually drink way too much
Ringolsby: I see...
Ringolsby: And you wake up the next morning with some lady so ugly in your arms...
Ringolsby: Ah...Coyote Ugly
Ringolsby:You got it. 

2nd — Random Content Generator.

"Phillies? With a 'Ph'? Aw, shucks, I came here to see female horses under four years old. Now where's that bullpen at? Maybe I can hang on to that Brad Lidge fer eight seconds."

3rd — dai_kun.

Ringolsby: Yep.
Manuel: Yep.
Ringolsby: Tobacco crop looks pretty low this year.
Manuel: Hasn't been the same since Dykstra left.

HM — Anrkist.

"Y'er arm tasted like a good slice of beer jerky!"

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