Deep Posts: Dennis Dixon's opportunity, Wes Welker's dating tips

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Before the Brett Favre(notes) media monster swallows us all whole, here are some other things to take in ...

• If Dennis Dixon(notes) wants to start the first four to six games for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the opportunity is there for him. But no one's giving him anything. He's got to take it.

• Ladies, a handful of winsome NFL studs would like to offer you some dating advice. Tips: Tony Gonzalez(notes) is lying, because your man probably isn't listening to you at all. Also, please don't listen to Wes Welker(notes), who apparently wants someone to stalk him as bad as Jenna Maroney.

Adrian Peterson, through his lawyer Gary Busey, is demanding to be paid what he's owed by the fantasy football owners of the world.

Jared Allen(notes) is a friend to the animals. Well, some of them.

• The Titans have officially waived Stafon Johnson(notes) after his catastrophic leg injury last weekend, and in his place have signed Samkon Gado.

Donovan McNabb(notes) has become the latest NFL'er to say that he'll play in the NBA if the NFL has a lockout in 2011. I think Donovan was probably kidding, but yeah, that's not going to happen.

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