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On the Corner, Podcast #22: Reluctant Brett Favre talk

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Believe me, I'd love it if I could just completely ignore the Brett Favre(notes) situation until something real and concrete happens, but I just can't do that. My job demands otherwise. So what we have on the podcast this morning is two people talking about a subject that they both find unpleasant. Danks and I talk about the imminent return of Brett Favre.

Two highlights of the conversation I'd like to point out: 1) the crucial difference between saying that Brett Favre shouldn't continue to play football and taking issue with Brett Favre's behavior through the entire process, and 2) the plight of poor, poor Sage Rosenfels(notes).

There's some other stuff, too. For example, there's the succinct beauty of the abusive e-mail of the week, and I believe that lead to an unofficial record number of "bleeps" in one podcast. We hit the Hot Routes, of course, but I also regret to tell you that we had no mailbag this week.

Can't blame that on me, though. You guys let us down. We didn't have a single acceptable question for the mailbag. I hope this makes you feel great shame, and I hope it strengthens your resolve to bring strong questions next week. Think about that. As your punishment this week, I make you get to know Danks in a way you probably didn't want to.

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