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  • Cowboys' Rolando McClain suspended 10 games for substance abuse violation

    Shalise Manza Young at Shutdown Corner3 hrs ago

    Rolando McClain may be out of chances, at least in the NFL.

    The former first-round pick has been suspended again, this time for the first 10 games of the 2016 season, for violating the league’s policy on substance abuse.

    McClain was suspended for the first four games last season for violating the same policy. When he returned, he started the Dallas Cowboys’ final 11 games, totaling two sacks, an interception he returned for a touchdown, and 80 tackles.

    Dallas re-signed McClain to an incentive-laden deal earlier this year, with a base salary of $1.25 million, but one that had a $5 million max value and included a $750,000 signing bonus. Under the terms of the collective-bargaining agreement, McClain may have to repay the signing bonus.

    The eighth overall pick in 2010 out of Alabama, McClain was released by the Oakland Raiders after the 2012 season; the team had deactivated him for its final five games that year. McClain has retired twice, in between spending a month with the Baltimore Ravens.

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  • Johnny Suspended: Manziel punished by NFL for substance abuse violation

    Shalise Manza Young at Shutdown Corner6 hrs ago

    Assuming he’s still in Cabo, unemployed quarterback Johnny Manziel may have received word that the NFL has suspended him four games for violations of the substance abuse policy.

    Not that anyone expects Manziel to return to an NFL roster anytime soon, but his path has gotten tougher with the news. Oh, and he likely will face a further suspension under the personal conduct policy, depending on what happens with his domestic abuse case in Texas.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, FS1’s Mike Garafolo tweeted that Manziel has been “unresponsive”and “hasn’t cooperated” on going through the appeals process, as he’s allowed to do.

    But Manziel did find the time to tell his friends/stalkers at TMZ that he’s going to go completely sober starting this Friday. Good luck with that, Johnny.

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  • Marshawn Lynch test-driving new cars is just the best

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner1 day ago

    (Warning. Do not watch the above video at work, in your place of worship, around children, in the presence of your parents, or anywhere else that you might get in trouble for people saying curse words and implying certain acts. You have been warned.)

    Marshawn Lynch in retirement is going to be so much more fun than Marshawn Lynch on the field. (Unless you were a Seahawks fan, of course.) Lynch has already shown his ability to riff on video games with Conan O’Brien, and here, he reviews a few sweet rides with Digital Trends.

    We foresee an entire cottage industry for Beast Mode. Reviewing wines. Reviewing movies. Reviewing presidential debates. Reviewing Tinder profiles. The door is wide [censored] open.

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