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Wil Myers goes on TV with THAT hair

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Exceptions notwithstanding, sportswriters as a group finding fault in someone else's appearance are always ripe for hypocrisy, or at least irony. Regardless, there's the matter of Wil Myers hair.

Already known for wearing his hair a little mussed, Myers took his devil-may-care-but-I-don't attitude to a new level Monday when he appeared by video for the MLB Network on the Players Choice Awards wearing, as CBS Eye On Baseball called it, a "6 a.m. medusa" 'do. Myers was being presented, electronically, with the American League Outstanding Rookie of the Year award, and it looked like he had just awoke from a night of pre-celebrating his achievement. He definitely sleeps on his right side.

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There's not a lot to criticize regarding Myers' rookie season with the Tampa Bay Rays. He was their best player, aside from Evan Longoria. But his hair has been a subject of amusement for most of the season. It was even news (sort of) when he got it cut in September. Hey, at 23 years old, a guy might wear his hair a certain way that rankles the establishment. Understood.

But is this an actual style now? Bed head? It's like Crash Davis telling Nuke in "Bull Durham" about letting fungus grow on his shower shoes. Is it Myers being colorful, or is he just being a slob? Is that what Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman want? They are as laissez faire as bosses come, but I bet they care a little.

And there's no way anyone can explain the layers of shirts Myers is wearing, so don't even look there.

Lest you think it's just an unforgiving angle, or a lighting issue, here's video of Myers' segment:

That's really his hair. Hey, host Heidi Watney did HER hair, WIL.

What else happened at the Players Choice Awards? Mariano Rivera and Francisco Liriano got Comeback Player of the Year awards, and neither of them have remarkable haircuts. Miguel Cabrera won American League Most Outstanding Player, along with Player of the Year, and he actually showed up in studio to accept. His hair was unremarkable.

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