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The Twi-Nighter: Can Bill Buckner be 'forgiven' any more?

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Thanks to most of today's games being played at night, I had to slog through way too many glorious blog recounts of Bill Buckner returning to Fenway Park. Seriously, by the end I was starting to think he had finally been cured of leprosy and was being welcomed back to the village. Don't get me wrong — I'm glad Billy Buck was able to shed a tear over the whole thing, but I couldn't help from my eyes from rolling, oh, 232 times or so.

Luckily, there were members of Red Sox Nation who felt that the first pitch ceremony was just as overblown. Over at The Joy of Sox, Redsock correctly notes that Buckner received a warm welcome in 1987 and a "similar reception" to Tuesday's when he returned to play for the team in 1990. Later, the site was updated to include a great link to Peter Gammons' Sports Illustrated article on Buckner for the "victory" parade that occurred in Boston four days after the '86 Series.

Guess what? They cheered Buckner there, too.

I don't begrudge the Red Sox from celebrating their past at an Opening Day party or Buckner enjoying the fans' applause after spending exile time in Idaho. But at the same time, let's not pretend like Buckner risked being shot by sniper fire if he ever decided to ride the T on a routine day in 1996. The Boston Herald's headline of "All Is Forgiven" was accurate ... but it was also accurate a long time before Tuesday afternoon rolled around.

In progress ...

Angels 9, Indians 5 (8th) — Four HRs so far for the Halos.

D'Backs 4, Dodgers 3 (6th) — James Loney goes deep for the first time this season.

Tonight's starters (All times EST)


Cubs (R. Dempster) at Pittsburgh (Z. Duke) 7:05

Phillies (K. Kendrick) at Mets (M. Pelfrey) 7:10

Marlins (S. Olsen) at Nationals (J. Bergmann) 7:10

Reds (J. Fogg) at Brewers (D. Bush) 8:05

Cardinals (B. Looper) at Astros (C. Sampson) 8:05

Braves (C. James) at Rockies (M. Redman) 8:35

Padres (J. Germano) at Giants (J. Sanchez) 10:15


Tigers (J. Bonderman) at Red Sox (J. Lester) 7:05

Athletics (L. DiNardo) at Blue Jays (D. McGowan) 7:07

Mariners (J. Washburn) at Rays (A. Sonnanstine) 7:10

Orioles (S. Trachsel) at Rangers (K. Gabbard) 8:05

Yankees (I. Kennedy) at Royals (Z. Greinke) 8:10

Twins (S. Baker) at White Sox (J. Danks) 8:11

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