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Top O' The Order: Honk if you can't get enough Honkball

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A few quick links to start your day ...

• Villanova. George Mason. The United States hockey team. And now the Netherlands baseball team. If the World Baseball Classic ends up becoming a huge success, we're going to point toward the Dutch's two wins over Dominican Republic as the initial spark. And if the underdogs advance past this second round? Well, I think we'd have to at least consider renaming it the World Honkball Classic. Good show, Dutch. You're teaching us all what it means to be alive. [Yahoo! Sports]

• Anyone else think Carlos Marmol is wishing he would have just passed up the WBC, like he said he was going to in the first place, and avoid a huge blown save that let his country down? I think I can speak for all Cubs fans when I say that it's not hard to picture Marmol bookending this year with a blown save in the decisive World Series/NLCS/NLDS/tiebreaker game. Cubs pessimism. Catch it. [Rotowire]

• For those of you who don't speak Dutch, here's a translation of a gamer from a Netherlands newspaper. (And here I thought they spoke Flemish in the Netherlands. And is there a better name for a language then Flemish? Maybe Swahili.) [Baseball Musings]

Wednesday's WBC action: Mexico-Australia (10 p.m. ET) is the only game that features a second-round invite on the line. Meanwhile, Netherlands-Puerto Rico (5:30) and U.S.-Venezuela (6:30) will feature the finest jockeying that the WBC can offer. [Y! Sports]

• Have your feelings on the WBC changed since the weekend? [Athletics Nation]

• Just a few hours after his torn labrum surgery, A-Rod was working out on a stationary bike. Considering that I once used getting my wisdom teeth out as an excuse to stay in bed for a week — I was bleeding like a stuck pig! — [Yankees Chick]

Reed Johnson talks with MLB Network about his goatee and the new nickname his Cubs teammates have given him — "White Slice" [NESW Sports]

• A sad, but ultimately uplifting story about the friendship between a dying Dodgers fan and a Dodger Stadium usher. [Los Angeles Times]

Erik Bedard is about to conquer the greeting card industry. [Lookout Landing]

• Sarge Matthews is buddies with Barack Obama. [The Fightins]

• Rob Iracane attempts to answer the question on everybody's mind: Why haven't there been any baseball players on Dancing With The Stars? [Walkoff Walk]

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