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Rumored 'Cleat Chasers' show could hit close to home for MLB

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According to RadarOnline, a reality show tenatively entitled "Cleat Chasers" could be launched this spring by an outfit known as Get Some Media.

As if the concept of the show — following the lives of "Baseball Annies" in Arizona — wasn't titillating enough, the name of the company really drives the point home.

The multimedia firm, as it's described on its website, is based out of Phoenix. Scottsdale, a nearby city that is home to several clubs during spring training, is the rumored location of filming.

Casting for the show is already said to be underway as producers search for the most experienced and successful ... um ... ladies in their chosen field.

In fact, one source noted that some girls have already committed to the project, and apparently they weren't shy during their interviews.

From RadarOnline:

"The girls have named players some that are famous and married, some single, and some players that are new to the game," added the source. "And the production company is trying to figure out what's true and what's not."

But the source also insisted the reality show will "focus on the women and the 'cleat chasing' lifestyle more than the players and their participation."

We'll see how long they stick to that game plan after the first batch of ratings/web hits come in, assuming the show ever gets off the ground and finds a channel willing to air it.

Get Some Media is obviously looking to cash in on the rash of recent high-profile athlete sex scandals ranging from Tiger Woods to Tony Parker. There was big interest in both of those stories, so it's really not too surprising that someone is trying to mine the baseball world for similar tabloid gold.

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