Phony Plush? Nyjer Morgan claims Twitter hack after awkward relationship details published

David Brown
January 15, 2013

So, was it Nyjer Morgan, his alter-ego Tony Plush, or an anonymous third party who sent a string of bizarre messages from Morgan's Twitter account Monday night? Yes, they were bizarre even for Morgan.

At first, Morgan appeared to admit he was caught cheating on his girlfriend, then claimed he was hacked (a common action when embarrassing information gets out, especially for celebrities). Finally, he said he was in the process of closing his account and getting a new Twitter handle and did anyone have some suggestions? And he changed his Twitter profile pic from him and his girlfriend kissing to this shot of Morgan and a cat not kissing.

The relevant messages have been deleted but, because I follow Morgan on Twitter and was watching the developments in real time, I managed to save most of it. It's in reverse chronological order, for those of you unfamiliar with Twitter timelines:

Was it a computer hacker trying to embarrass Morgan, or some kind of hare-brained attempt at catharsis on his part? The tweets change course a bit after I told him to confess to Oprah Winfrey:

You'll notice that "hacked" Plush's punctuation was almost non-existent, while "real" Plush was coherent, even grammatically correct. Of course, that doesn't necessarily prove anything. Nyjer's twitter life apparently is as unstable as his baseball life. He's also looking for a team, by the way. The Brewers tried sending him to Triple-A after the 2012 season and he refused, instead electing free agency. Nyjer's officially his own man.

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