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News & Notes: Stephen Strasburg steps into the spotlight

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A few items to peruse while making you feel happy just like an old-time movie ...

If everything goes according to plan, today will only be a minor peak in the life of pitcher Stephen Strasburg, maybe not even worth a top five mention on his career highlight list. But without inevitably being drafted first overall by the Nationals in tonight's MLB draft, he wouldn't have any access to every future event that's expected of him — the record-setting contract, the Cy Youngs, the resurrection of the Nationals franchise and the domination of major league hitters with a triple-digit fastball. So, yeah, tonight is a pretty big moment for the young Aztec. At least for now.[WaPo]

• As much as Strasburg seems like a can't-miss pick, history has shown that going with the position player at No. 1 is always the safer play. (Joe Mauer(notes) and the Twins couldn't agree more. Who was that guy from USC again?) [Bus Leagues]

• Here's a fantastic and thorough look at how the media hype over Strasburg's talents evolved from a trickle into a tidal wave. [Sports Journalism Today]

Stew News! Remember to join us at 6 p.m. Eastern as we hold a BLS live blog for a little bit of draft talk, a little bit of game action and a whole lot of nonsense. [BLS]

• By the way, there are some other players also preparing for their big days. Our own Steve Henson put together a mock draft so you or I didn't have to. [Yahoo! Sports]

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• Ever wondered what it'd be like to face a top-level softball pitcher? My friend, columnist Jerry Brewer, took a few hacks — three of them, to be precise — against Washington pitcher Danielle Lawrie, the women's equivalent to Strasburg. [Seattle Times]

• Forcing Brad Lidge(notes) and Ryan Madson(notes) to swap roles in Philly's bullpen might not work out as well as you might think. [The Fightins]

• Completely random fact that will take up valuable brain cells: Twenty-nine of 30 MLB teams allow you to bring in outside food if you're interested in saving a few bucks. The only exception? The Houston Astros. [Chronicle]

• Who's in the market for Tom Glavine(notes)? [MLB Trade Rumors]

Stew Swag! My new crib probably isn't quite on the level with Jon Heyman's place in Miami (he just dropped on Twitter that he's neighbors with Freddy Garcia(notes) and Ozzie Guillen), but it's more than suitable for BLS world headquarters and a great place to hang this new Ryan Adams concert poster I just acquired.[Poster Cabaret]

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• Speaking of Garcia, the White Sox signed him to a contract the same day that Jose Contreras(notes) looked rejuvenated and Scott Podsednik(notes) hit a home run. Looks like Kenny Williams is getting the '05 band back together! [Tremendous Upside Potential]

• Why aren't the Mets making a bigger deal of the '69 Amazins' on their 40th anniversary? I mean, not even a pizza patch for a homestand or two? [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

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