Giancarlo Stanton’s latest tape-measure home run estimated at 494 feet (Video)

Mark Townsend
August 18, 2012

At just 22 years old, Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton has already put together an impressive résumé of tape-measure home runs that could hold up against anyone who has ever played the game — that includes his scoreboard-wrecking grand slam at Marlins Park on May 21.

Stanton's résumé got even better and more majestic during the Marlins' 6-5 victory over the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on Friday night.

Fans seated just to the left of the center field batter's eye and five rows from the concourse probably never believed they would have a chance at a home run in batting practice, let alone during the game when they arrived at the park. Well, guess what? During the sixth inning, Stanton managed to reach their location with a monster big fly estimated by ESPN's True Distance Hit Tracker at 494 feet.

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Watch as Stanton completely obliterates Josh Roenicke's curveball:

If you closed your eyes and just listened, the sound of the bat followed by the collective "ohhh" from the crowd could paint a pretty accurate picture in your mind. But still, that's a home run that has to be seen to be believed and truly appreciated.

If confirmed at 494 feet, Stanton's home run would would be the longest in Major League Baseball since Wladimir Balentien's 495-foot blast in 2009. But even if the number is brought back closer to the original 474-foot estimation, it would still be the fourth-longest in baseball this season, trailing Cameron Maybin's 485-foot home run on July 2, as well Nelson Cruz (484) and Travis Hafner (481).

I guess for now we'll just have to say Stanton hit the ball really hard and really far until we hear some sort of confirmation on the distance. However, what we can tell you is that Stanton has now homered in all five career games he's played at Coors Field, which equals Jeff Kent's stadium best five-game homer streak for a visiting player.

That's a pretty cool streak. Now just imagine if Stanton wasn't a visiting player.

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Asked if he could imagine the numbers he would put up if he played half his games at Coors Field, Stanton smiled and said, "Yeah, I could."

When asked if he cared to be more specific, he said, "No, you guys can use your imagination."

With the Marlins in Denver through Sunday, I think it's safe to say Kent's streak is in real jeopardy. Also, we should definitely be prepared to update Stanton's résumé again, because I think he might be able to reach the concourse — or Wyoming — before he leaves town.

Yeah... my imagination is already running that wild.

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