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David Brown

Fashion Ump: We triple-dog-dare the Rays to wear these caps!

David Brown
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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon dressed up like he was huntin' for Philly.

Not buying the axiom that it's always sunny (or warm) in Philadelphia, Tampa Bay's manager/philosophical guru/fashion plate wore a cap replete with attached flaps to cover the ears during Game 3 of the World Series last night.

The caps are unofficially called "Elmer Fudds" but, combined with Maddon's glasses, they also remind one of the bomber pilot headgear worn by Flick in a "Christmas Story." Flick, if you recall, was "triple-dog-dared" by Schwartz into sticking his tongue to a metal pole in the dead of winter to see if it would stay stuck. (SPOILER ALERT!: It does.)

The New York Times baseball blog, "Bats" had a sweet write-up of the caps, which closely enough resemble regular caps so that players are allowed to wear them in games. But will any?

Chris Westmoreland, the Rays clubhouse manager, ordered the Fudds from manufacturer New Era months ago, and the Rays put them to use during a workout in chilly Philly on Thursday. Maddon was the only one seen wearing the cap during the game, though some in the dugout might have followed the leader.

"Kiww da Hamewwws, kiww da Hamewwws," Maddon was heard to say.

Temps are supposed to be in the mid-50s tonight for Game 4.

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