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Edwin Encarnacion absolutely annihilates game-winning home run

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When people joke on Twitter about a player hitting a ball really hard for a home run, sometimes they'll say something like: "Nick Punto just murdered a baseball!" It's dark humor, and curmudgeons out there probably don't take kindly to juxtaposing a high crime with what should be a jovial moment, but it's what  people do sometimes.

Now, you want to talk about murdering a baseball? Few have committed ball homicide like Edwin Encarnacion of the Toronto Blue Jays did Wednesday afternoon. His three-run blast to left in the bottom of the ninth made for a 7-4 walk-off victory against the Milwaukee Brewers, but that information tells you nothing about the aesthetic.

The data from ESPN's home-run tracker isn't in yet, but the vector ratio of the horizontal angle and apex impact times π had to be off the charts. In layman's terms, E.E. hit it Giancarlo Stanton-style — a hard line drive that made it into the second deck, after right-hander Brandon Kintzler hung a 3-1 breaking ball with two outs.

Encarnacion even made a rhyme about his 26th home run, which tied him for the league lead:

''He hanged it, I banged it,''

Here's his reaction during the moment:


The mood at Rogers Centre was kind of crazy, as a result. The other Blue Jays players ripped off Encarnacion's jersey and doused him with water and spanked him. It was all very naughty. And if you saw a giant blue jay running around with a red parrot on his shoulder, you weren't delusional.

Nuttiness. That's just what happens when a ball gets murdered.

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