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Create-a-Caption: Denard Span counters DP by stealing shoe

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After a DL stint due to an inner-ear infection, Denard Span(notes) returned to the Twins lineup on Thursday, just in time to lead Minnesota to a series-sealing victory ... and help Milwaukee's Craig Counsell(notes) with his choice of footwear on the basepaths. (In reality, this picture was taken just after Counsell helped the Brewers turn a double play.)

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors fo the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Wednesday's accusatory C-a-C:

Tony La Russa finds your secret camera

1st — Corey. "I want you to walk to that spot over there without falling down, or making a pitching change."

2nd — rexdeaz. "So, lemme get this straight, according to this lineup card you just handed me, THAT woman is your next pitcher???"

"Yeah, Keith Law likes her changeup."

3rd — scorch. "Alerted to the fact that Albert Pujols(notes) has been missing for four days, umpire Dale Scott points Tony La Russa toward Argentina."

HM — Bryan G. "I'm not the guy who set up that Twitter account. It was him!!!"

HM — Randy. "See the dipstick over there behind the monitor? Yes ... sitting at his computer. He's trying to put something funny together in order to get his 5 minutes of fame by winning C-a-C."

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