Bryce Harper deletes his Twitter account

February 29, 2012

It's funny. If any of us had read the title of this post in 2008, we all would have walked away completely baffled. Who's Bryce Harper? What's Twitter? Why is this news?

That last query is arguably the only one you can still ask without looking irrelevant, but the young Washington Nationals prospect is making waves on Wednesday morning with the revelation that he impulsively deleted his popular @bharper3407 account.

Mark Zuckerman of Nats Insider has more from Nationals camp in Viera:

Why did Harper delete the account last night?

"I just wanted to," the 19-year-old outfielder said. "I was done."

Harper wasn't interested in providing more details than that, though it's perhaps no coincidence he halted his tweeting less than 48 hours after the Nationals held a full-team meeting on PR and media relations,bringing in a media consultant to advise players on how to handle themselves with the public and reporters.

As Nats Enquirer points out, Harper created plenty of faux-headlines over the past year or so with revelations that he named his new Christmas puppy 'Swag," was an ardent fan of the New York Yankees (as well as the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Lakers and Duke) and that he wasn't very fond of the other sports teams in the Washington area.

But as Harper also acknowledged earlier this spring, his age and his stature in the sport make him a story whenever he opens his mouth in real life or on the Internet. And since he simply can't stop talking, he — or someone within the organization — did the reasonable thing and put shades on his digital and impulsive self.

Our Twitter feeds might be a little duller after his abandonment, sure, but he did cut out a ton of future headaches for himself and his team by hanging up his smartphone for now.

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