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Astros fever! Son falls asleep in arms of father, who also falls asleep, mid-game

Ah, the irresistible shot of a toddler falling asleep in the arms of his daddy at a Major League Baseball game. Simply adorable. Being 2 or 3 years old, the young blond boy has a good excuse: He's 2 or 3, and people in that age range frequently take a nap in the afternoon. Assuming the boy roots for the home team when awake, the Houston Astros just had to get along with out him Sunday.

But what about the father? Why is he falling asleep in the middle of a Martin Perez tour-de-force for the Texas Rangers? It's easy to bash Astros for being bad, which they are, or the dad for being unable to stay alert during a ballgame, even during the dog days of August.

But rather than do that, let's look at this as an opportunity.

Let's petition the commissioner's office to add a siesta component to major league games, creating a "beer frame" (if you don't like Spanish) between the top and bottom of the fifth, so everyone can catch 40 winks. An official pause, if you will. A half-hour should do it. Take the time from the commercial breaks throughout the rest of the game. Games would take just as long to complete, but the pace will seem quicker. Considering that most starting pitchers only go about six innings anyway, a nap wouldn't be as disruptive to a game's flow as one might think.

Back in the day, like 90 years ago, outfielders used to leave their gloves in the field of play between innings. What were they going to catch in the dugout, anyway, right? Well, now they can leave pillows on the field. Just lie down, Andre Ethier, and rest your head.

Adding a siesta also would bring more families to the ballpark. Do you singles have any idea how discriminating the world is to parents with a young child who's supposed to sleep every afternoon? I think you do, thanks to the father and son dual nap at Minute Maid Park, forever captured on video.

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