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  • Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes receive patriotic welcome to A's clubhouse

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew5 hrs ago

    The morale in the Oakland A's clubhouse is high after general manager Billy Beane cemented his belief that he has a championship ballclub by acquiring Boston Red Sox ace Jon Lester before Thursday's trade deadline. It also doesn't hurt that in the same deal, Beane brought back clubhouse favorite Jonny Gomes, who was a big part of their postseason run in 2012.

    The downside, of course, is the trade cost them one of their superstars in Yoenis Cespedes, but Beane's willingness to move a superstar to make the team more complete sends a positive message to those who remain.

    The excitement stemming from the trade was evident on Friday as the club anticipated the arrival of Lester and Gomes. And once they did arrive in the clubhouse, they gave them a very special and patriotic welcome.

    So weird seeing Gomes and Lester walk into clubhouse right now with Red Sox bags. Someone out Hail to the Chief on clubhouse stereo.

    A Presidential welcome even.

    I wasn't suggesting that. Someone actually put that on the stereo.

    Hit the music! 

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