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  • Marcus Stroman hosts Super Bowl onesie party for his teammates

    Chris Cwik at Big League Stew23 hrs ago

    Toronto's hottest Super Bowl party was hosted by Blue Jays hurler Marcus Stroman. This party had everything: Celebrities, at least one bowl of chips and ... onesies. 

    Yes, in order to get into Stroman's Super Bowl celebration, it looks like you needed to meet two requirements. One, be a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. Two, wear a onesie. Don't just take our word for it, though, feast your eyes on a picture from the event. 

    All reppin' one(sie) thing. #SB50 @BlueJays

    We count 10 parties members and what appears to be 10 onesies. While we're having a hard time identifying everyone, we have spotted Jose Bautista, Kevin Pillar, Aaron Sanchez, Drew Storen and Stroman in the picture. 

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