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  • Cubs minor-leaguer shows off impressive freestyle rap skills

    Israel Fehr at Big League Stew2 hrs ago

    John Williamson, a pitcher for the Single-A South Bend Cubs, has a backup plan if baseball doesn't work out.

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    Check out this video — originally posted on Instagram by former big-leaguer and current Cubs front office staffer Darnell McDonald — of Williamson dropping an impressive freestyle to the beat of Drake's "0 to 100" with shoutouts to Wrigley Field, Jason Heyward, Jon Lester and Dexter Fowler before a recent game.

    Here are the lyrics, in case you want to keep up:

    Just wanna play, set the something straight, ‘bout to win a 100 games. J-Hey ‘bout to make a play, Lester get the K. We feeling fresh today, got the ‘dub yesterday. New team with the World Series attitude. Road to the ‘chip, that’s the World Series avenue.

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