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Angels fan lands on older woman after leaping to catch foul ball (Video)

A couple weeks ago, we saw an indefensible violation of stray-ball pursuit at baseball games — an adult stealing a ball from a kid. Monday night, during the Los Angeles Angels-Houston Astros game, we saw another facepalm-worthy example of souvenir pursuit gone horribly wrong.

In the video above, you'll see an Angels-loving bro showing himself to be anything but an Angel as he lands on top of an old woman. He had jumped to catch a foul ball off the bat of the Houston Astros' George Springer and crushed the woman as he came down with the ball.

Dude, no. Old ladies, like kids, are out of bounds.

Perhaps the worst part of the video is the guy celebrating his baseball while the woman winces in pain right behind him. He's high-fiving, completely ignoring the fact that he used this poor woman as a landing cushion. Don't you just want to reach into the video and shake him?

We get it, things can get a little heated in the moment a baseball flies into the stands. Polite people may turn savage for a few seconds. Having enough self awareness to turn around and apologize afterward wouldn't have immediately made this woman feel better, but it definitely would have helped the guy not look like a complete bonehead.

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