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Adding injury to injury, Cardinals' Freese breaks toe while on DL

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St. Louis Cardinals infielder David Freese(notes) found out there's no such thing as double jeopardy when it comes to being on the disabled list.

Sidelined since late June with a right foot injury, Freese fractured the big toe of his left foot Sunday by dropping a weight on it, Cards manager Tony La Russa said.

Freese isn't the first guy to injure himself lifting weights, and players have "setbacks" all of the time when recovering from injuries, but how often does something like this happen?

He's one of the unluckiest men, men, men, on the face of the Earth, Earth, Earth. At least among major leaguers. And it sure has been an odd season for injuries.

The Cards say Freese was at least two weeks away from returning to the lineup, anyway, because of the bone bruise on his right ankle.

Possible good news: Maybe the break won't take long to heal.


"They took an X-Ray and it is a little fracture," La Russa said. "They are saying it might not be any longer then his ankle. So, I really don't know, but he has that to deal with as well."

The Cardinals will plug along without Freese, who was having one of the better rookie seasons in the NL until his ankle started bothering him in early June.

Just keep him in a padded room until he's ready.

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