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  • Create and share your own Hall of Fame baseball card

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew13 hrs ago

    Before Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday, you too can put a Hall of Fame stamp on your baseball fandom.

    Beginning on Wednesday, fans that downloaded the free Rookies app from the Apple App Store can create a branded and personalized “Future Hall of Famer” baseball card. Those cards can then be shared on social media using the hashtag #HOFWKND.

    There’s an advantage to doing that too, as a few lucky winners will receive a free pack of cards of their own creation.

    Create & share your “Future Hall of Fame” @BaseballHall card using #HOFWKND and you could win a free pack of cards!

    — Rookies App (@RookiesApp) July 22, 2016

    Here’s one example.


    Modern technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

    Fans can also have their created card printed and shipped to their homes to have as a keepsake or show off to their non-Hall of Fame friends.

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  • Russell Martin falls, tweaks knee after relaxing too long in sauna

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew16 hrs ago

    It’s never good news when an off day leads to a new injury.

    Unfortunately for Toronto Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin, that’s the situation he’s in after suffering a knee tweak on Thursday.

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    Even more troubling is the manner in which Martin suffered the injury. What was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon in the sauna, nearly turned disastrous.

    Gibbons on Martin:Russ was in sauna yesterday, was in too long, got lightheaded, fell in shower & hurt knee. Needs couple days off #BlueJays

    — Hazel Mae (@thehazelmae) July 22, 2016

    That sounds quite painful. Fortunately though, Martin appears to have avoided a major injury.

    Russell Martin had MRI today and shows no "structural damage" to his left knee. #Jays

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    Sat, Jul 23
    1:07 PM EDT
    Seattle at Toronto
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  • Why Ken Griffey Jr. wore his hat backward might surprise you

    Kyle Ringo at Big League Stew18 hrs ago

    Ken Griffey Jr. was the favorite baseball player of thousands and maybe even millions of young fans in the 1990s not only because he was one of the best players in the game at the time but also because he started a fashion trend by often wearing his baseball cap backward.

    The list of kids who idolized Griffeyduring the 1990s includes plenty of current major league players.

    Griffey will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday along with Mike Piazza. Some fans have wondered and even suggested that Griffey’s plaque in Cooperstown depict him wearing his cap backward because that is how so many of his fans remember him.

    Earlier this year, Griffey appeared on the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN and the subject came up. He explained that he wasn’t trying to start a fashion trend of set himself apart, breaking with tradition by wearing his cap backward. He did so out of habit and that habit started innocently enough.

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  • Minor league team's jerseys pay tribute to David Bowie

    Kyle Ringo at Big League Stew19 hrs ago

    The Bowie Baysox will pay tribute to legendary artist David Bowie on Friday night by changing the official pronunciation of their name and wearing jerseys inspired by Bowie, who died in January after battling liver cancer.

    The night will also includeplenty of David Bowie’s music and a postgame fireworks show set to some of Bowie’s classic tunes.

    The Baysox are the Double A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles and play their home games in Bowie, MD. (pronounced Boo-ie). Here is a look at the fantastic, sparkling jerseys the Baysox will be wearing in the game Friday:

    The @BowieBaysox have unveiled the most extremely David Bowie uniforms imaginable:

    — Cut4 (@Cut4) July 22, 2016

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    Sat, Jul 23
    7:05 PM EDT
    Cleveland at Baltimore
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