United States
Height5' 10"
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    Praying for your stamina. You are awesome!
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    marry me
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    Marva Gibson
    As a champion, you have the right to choose how many tournaments you play. A # 1 ranking should not depend on how many tournaments you play and win or lose. But, that how the sport of tennis is run. By a computer counting up how many tournaments you play whether you win or lose. The more you play, the better it is for you to get a higher ranking. Win, lose or draw, Serena is still the #1 player in e world. Just look at her record, 22 Grand Slams, 186 was at #1 and ooh so many records that will probably never be broken. Serena is the come back player of tennis. Now, WTA wants to fine her. Serena is injured. She needs time to heal. Serena never hides behind an injury, she just sucks it up and go out on the tennis court and play the game that she loves soooo much. At any rate, Serena, the new guard of tennis is Kerber, so, sit back, regroup, get your game face on and strive to get those next three titles , so, you can retire and let them have it. You , Serena, are a world class tennis player, who has held up the world of tennis for all of America.