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    Unless US women fall apart in world gymnastics finals (not likely), expect another title

    US women have won six straight team titles at world gymnastics championships, dating back to 2011. Expect the seventh consecutive title on Wednesday.

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    Squash desperate to end 'very weird' Olympic exile in 2028

    Squash has never been in the Olympics despite decades of trying, but players and officials hope that the 150-year-old sport will finally get its big chance in 2028.It is one of nine sports vying for a place at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, along with the likes of cricket, lacrosse and motorsport.

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    Biles in complete control at gymnastic worlds

    Simone Biles enjoyed a virtual sweep in qualifying at the gymnastics world championships on Monday, further burying the nightmare of her Tokyo Olympics.On Sunday, 26-year-old Biles made history by becoming the first female gymnast to execute a "Yurchenko double pike vault" now renamed "Biles II" during women's team qualifying. 

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    Olympic leader Bach explains policy on helping Russians compete to Ukrainians at world athlete event

    Comparing the plight of Ukrainian athletes with those in another war-ravaged country Yemen, IOC president Thomas Bach explained to Olympic athlete groups Monday its policy on helping Russians compete with neutral status before the 2024 Paris Games. The International Olympic Committee invited a global selection of athlete representatives to a two-day meeting while sports bodies work to shape their neutrality rules and assess individual Russians who want to return to international events and qualify for Paris. Ukrainian judoka Georgii Zantaraia told Bach his country did not understand why neutral status is being offered to Russian athletes and suggested any who disapproved of the war could compete in the Olympic refugee team.