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It's hard to comprehend the line of thinking that allows for you to tell yourself that it's OK to drive up to and park in an open handicapped spot when you are the picture of full physical health. And once you get past the obvious joke behind Andrew Bynum(notes) and his wobbly knees being far from the picture of full physical health, you can go ahead and call Bynum whatever curse word you feel appropriate, as he apparently was caught parking in a handicapped spot in Los Angeles recently.

Unlike the local Los Angeles NBC affiliate, which is promising to blow this major, life-changing story wide open, this probably isn't worth a single second of local TV airspace. But it is worth a post on this and any other site that wants to follow up if only to ask … seriously, Andrew?

Seriously, guy? Not cool for those of us driving a Corolla with a broken roof. Certainly not cool for you in your straight-six BMW, making $14 million a year (before 2011-12's lockout, of course), with a body that allows you to run up and down a basketball court and reverse-dunk a basketball with your eyes closed.

(See videos of Bynum's parking job after the jump)

Andrew Bynum parked in a handicapped spot. Come on, Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum parked in a handicapped spot. Come on, Andrew Bynum

Break the speed limit by 10 percent of the speed limit. Ignore those little arrows that shopping centers paint on the blacktop that tell you where to go. Take two straws (one for your drink, and one to chew on) with your drink at the gas station. Take a penny, but never give back a penny. We don't care.

Don't park in handicapped spots. I don't care how much of your career you spent in a wheelchair, don't do it.

Now, everyone boo and hiss.

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Ball Don't Lie

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