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I've been on a bit of a Michael Jordan kick the past 25 years. I've read "Playing for Keeps." I watch the "Flu Game" when I'm sick. I convinced the Basketball Hall of Fame to let him in (easier said than done). So do you want to know how excited I was when I found out that two lockers Jordan used at the team's practice facility in the 1990s were being auctioned for charity? It's indescribable.

I've got a second bedroom that needs finishing, and the locker would really tie the room together. But if you have the locker, you have to have the locker room chair, obviously. And the locker has to be filled so you'll need the full uniform. And the jersey. And the other jersey. And all three pairs of shoes (the VIIIs, XIs, and XIIs by my estimation). Once you've got all that, the banner seems so necessary. I think I can work $70,000 in to the budget for May; it's for a good cause after all.

The practice shirt is probably overkill though.

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