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A little after "So You Think You Can Dance?" Wednesday night, I mean, err, 10 p.m., followers of Eddy Curry's twitter page were told that the New York Knicks center was getting ready to interact with his fans live via — a popular video streaming website.

Those who clicked over quickly enough managed to catch Curry setting up a camera, then immediately departing. Those who arrived a little later saw only a shot of a wall with a framed abstract painting on it. A little weird, sure, but maybe he just needed to feed his dogs or take the pizza out of the oven, right? Nope. A few minutes later, presumably from his car, Curry explained his sudden vanishing act, again, via Twitter:

"To everybody that's on ustream. We went to see hangover. We will be back on in 2 hrs"

To quickly recap: Curry goes through the trouble to organizing streaming video, as well as letting his followers know he's about to go on live, before suddenly deciding that he and his friends (which includes Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith(notes)) need to drop what they're doing right this second to go see Zach Galifianakis' beard in "The Hangover." "Yeah, yeah, forget the camera — just leave it on, dude!"

The creepy hilarity that followed is something that mere words could not describe, though Seth at Posting & Toasting does a bang-up job of trying. His "Ghostbusters" account of the night, after the jump:

A few of us assembled at P&T and began commenting on this bizarre turn of events, leaving the video feed of nothing up in the background. Only it wasn't nothing.

No, instead, viewers of the so-called 'Eddy Curry(notes) Show' were treated to the most irregular, terrifying violin sounds known to man. The intermittent noises eventually grew into a series of full-fledged rock concerts by absolutely horrendous bands, complete with occasional ear-splitting sound checks. The audio went bonkers while the picture remained pretty much still. Baffled, I sent a tweet Eddy's way:

'If you're at The Hangover, then who's that creepy silhouette playing a creepy keyboard in your house!!??'


Click over to Posting & Toasting to see how this one ends.

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Ball Don't Lie

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