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A fuzzy bullpen picture began to clear up even before the first Mariners workout of the day that's when right-handed reliever Chris Reitsma and southpaw Arthur Rhodes were called into some early morning meetings and told they had no chance of making the team according to the Seattle Times.

The picture became even more clear by the ninth inning of an 8-5 win by the Mariners over the Kansas City Royals later in the afternoon.

It was in that final frame that relief pitcher Mark Lowe, making a comeback from elbow surgery just like Reitsma and Rhodes, fired consecutive pitches at 95 mph and then another at 96 mph to finish off the game's final hitter on a pop fly to right. For Lowe, who retired three straight hitters after surrendering a leadoff double, the return to mid-90s velocity and the ability to control it has almost certainly landed him a spot on this team.

Source: Seattle Times

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