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Think that KC fans don't have much of a reason to watch the Royals any more? Think again!

According to my old pal Bradford Doolittle — who actually works much harder than his name implies — the Royals will be taking a run at history over the season's final few months.  Not only can the team set a record for the worst 10-year stretch in team history, it also has a shot at posting the worst decade of any team in major league history.

OK, so that last part might be a little bit of a long shot. The 2000-09 Royals already have 907  losses, but to "top" the 1920-29 Phillies, they'd need to go 13-56 the rest of the way. If KC plays at a .188 clip, they may as well just retract the franchise after the last game.

Still, the Royals could post one of the worst decades in the last 60 years since the '50s Pirates (923), '60s A's (922), '70s Padres (942) and '80s Mariners (923) will all probably be easily passed by the '00s Royals' special brand of suck.

As for those Pirates and Nats/Expos fans shifting nervously in your seat, not to worry. Pittsburgh (859) and Washington/Montreal (871) have been bad for the past decade.

But not Kansas City bad.  

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