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It took a little longer than I expected, but if this report from the New York Times is true, we finally know another of the 104 names from the 2003 positive PED list that took down Alex Rodriguez back in February

And it belongs to Sammy Sosa(notes)

(Pause for obligatory gasps and indignation, even though Ellen DeGeneres was on the cover of TIME the last time we learned news this obvious.)

From Michael S. Schmidt of the NYT:

"Sosa ... is among the players who tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug in 2003, according to lawyers with knowledge of the drug-testing results from that year.

"The lawyers who had knowledge of Sosa's inclusion on the 2003 list did not know the substance for which Sosa tested positive. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified as discussing material that is sealed by a court order.

"A lawyer for Sosa, Jay Reisinger, declined comment, as did an official with Major League Baseball."

I suppose I should say something else here, though I'm really wondering what there is left to say. If anything, it was less than two weeks ago that Sosa said he'd "calmly wait" for Hall of Fame introduction, presumably because the only thing linking him to cheating was a corked bat from 2003. This report throws him in the same limbo with all the other disgraced sluggers, so he best invest in a nice recliner, some cheese doodles and a decent television on which to watch the induction ceremonies.

Meanwhile, I suppose we'll wait for another name to leak from that list. Only 102 to go!

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