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Profiles in logic: NY Post uses Gadhafi death to slam A-Rod

When it comes to Alex Rodriguez(notes), it should come as no surprise that the New York tabloids have more ways to slam him than there are ways to spell Moammar Gadhafi.

But, really, New York Post? It's one thing to take the stretch that Gadhafi's assassin was a New York Yankees fan just because he's wearing the type of generic N-Y hat you can find for sale in many cities across the world. It's quite another to tie-in A-Rod's latest playoff failings to the deserved death of a tyrannical despot.

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Besides, this cover isn't very accurate. If they're referring to the ALDS against the Detroit Tigers, A-Rod had two hits. Which, last I checked, is more than one.

Note: The A-Rod picture on the cover above was added by Big League Stew to protect our more squeamish readers and writers (i.e.: Casselberry) from the Gadhafi death photo that is seemingly splashed everywhere.  Click here to see the original and unedited version.

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