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It may look like Dusty Baker is announcing his intentions to run for Cincinnati's city hall here — he is sporting a very mayoral look with that overcoat —but the truth is that he's currently enjoying the kind of adulation that he once received in San Francisco and Chicago. 

Right after inking a two-year contract extension, Baker joined his Cincinnati Reds at a well-attended rally on Monday afternoon in downtown Queen City. The Reds kick off their first playoff series since 1995 in Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon and their fans seem determined to send them off in style. 

And no matter what happens to the Reds over the next week, it's nice to see another baseball outpost becoming reacquainted with baseball in October. A few more photos follow below:

This guy's father had the Big Red Machine. He has the Big Red Finger.

* * *

The Big Red Finger, however, pales in comparison to this Joey Votto(notes) meets Stars Wars prop. And you know what would beat both? An Imperial Guard costume with a Mr. Redlegs theme. Somebody get on this by Game 3.

(By the way, go check out OMG Reds for more great rally pics.)

* * *

Brandon Phillips(notes) and Jay Bruce(notes) arrived to the rally in style ... 

* * *

... but they were outdone by noted clotheshorse Jonny Gomes(notes). What a suit! 

* * *

But nothing, of course, could match up with Franchester Brennaman's famous mock turtleneck. Think he was blasting Cubs fans while this photo was taken? 

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