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While most ballplayers have returned to their winter homes in Florida and Arizona or their homelands in the Caribbean or South America, both Jimmy Rollins and Curt Schilling have stayed on the campaign trail in an attempt to swing some states for their candidates.

As you can see above, Rollins did his thing for the Obama campaign by introducing VP-candidate (and Phillies fan) Joe Biden at a South Philly rally on Monday. He also provided a taped message for an auto-call to voters in the World Series title zone. 

Schilling, meanwhile, continues to be one of the most politically active athletes by introducing John McCain in New Hampshire and posting the reasoning behind his vote on his blog (as well as one of those annoying political email forwards that makes me glad this whole thing is almost over.)

There's currently no good footage of Schilling's stump speech on YouTube, but in the interest of equal time on The Stew, click below the jump to see an ad Schilling taped for McCain earlier this year.

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