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When it comes to memorial uniform patches, a black circle or rectangle with the departed's initials or number — sometimes both —usually counts as the norm.

Bob Feller, of course, was anything but the norm.

As such, the Cleveland Indians will wear this one-of-a-kind patch on their uniforms all season to remember their headline Hall of Famer, who died last December.

In a word, cool. In two words, very cool. Feller's iconic high leg kick just lends itself to being transformed into a silhouette that will immediately make us think about his legendary career. The patch will look great on Cleveland's new road unis (although it would work a lot better if the distracting Chief Wahoo patch weren't occupying the other sleeve).

As I lamented in Goodyear a few days back, the Indians are going to have big shoes to fill now that their franchise icon is gone. But this patch is a good reminder he'll never be that far away in the memories of baseball fans.

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