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Fan requires stitches after being struck by Josh Hamilton foul ballOne day after the unspeakable tragedy that left all of us saddened and shaken, Josh Hamilton(notes) was involved in another scary incident during the Texas Rangers 8-5 win over the Oakland A's.

During his sixth inning at-bat, Hamilton took a late swing at a Brad Ziegler(notes) offering, slicing a foul ball into the stands about five rows behind the third base dugout, where it struck a teenage male in the face.

"I saw it happen," Hamilton said. "Again."

Hamilton would add that it appeared the fan wasn't paying attention prior to being struck by the liner. According to those in attendance the young fan had blood on his face and was quickly tended to by stadium personnel. Moments later, he was able to stand and walk away while holidng a compress to the injury with a smile on his face.

Rangers official later confirmed the fan was OK, stating his wound required stitches and was treated at the stadium.

Obviously this incident in no way compares to what happened on Thursday, but you can't help but wonder how this could happen to Josh Hamilton on the heels of that incredibly painful experience. Of all people, of all places.

Of course it was Hamilton's decision to even be on the field Friday night. Manager Ron Washington had offered him the day off, but Josh felt the best place for him to be was on the field. "I understand there's nothing you can do to change it now," he said about Shannon Stone's death during the second inning of Thursday's game.

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