Vin Scully provides play-by-play of 5.1 earthquake as play continues at Dodger Stadium

The ground began shaking at Dodger Stadium on Friday night after a registered magnitude-5.1 earthquake rattled the Los Angeles area.

The scene played out dramatically on live TV with legendary broadcaster Vin Scully calmly and succinctly describing the event as the center field camera shook wildly. The spring training game between the Dodgers and Angels was in the sixth inning at the time, and the action continued on uninterrupted, almost as if the players and umpires were immune to or unaware of what was happening. Many tenured players for both organizations have probably experienced their fair share of earthquakes over the years, so for them it may not have registered.

That said, fans were clearly aware, as were those covering the game in the press box. Many of which were rattled both literally and figuratively.

It's not unusual for Dodgers fans to leave early anyway, but they certainly had some added motivation on Friday, though this might make some fans a little more confident in the stability of the ballpark.

The initial image of the camera shaking probably took some people back to the 1989 World Series when a devastating 6.9 earthquake outside of San Francisco hit just moments before Game 3. In fact, Scully quickly referenced that scary event later in the broadcast. The '89 quake caused extensive damage in and around the bay area and put the Series on hold for a week. Fortunately, the seismic event experienced in Los Angeles did little damage beyond raising blood pressure and causing lost sleep.

It also had people questioning the impact of Mike Trout's new contract.

He's a powerful man, but not that powerful.

Stay safe, Los Angeles.

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