Baseball teams get in on ‘Harlem Shake’ craze

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Brace yourselves, we've got bad news. There's a new viral dance craze. It's called the "Harlem Shake" and it's getting headlines as "the new Gangnam Style," which is about as cringe-worthy a phrase as exists in the English language.

E! Online explains the premise (yes, we're citing the E! here on the Stew):

The videos are about 30 seconds long and set to "Harlem Shake" by New York deejay Baauer. For the first 15 seconds, one person dances (or just humps the air) while everyone else in the room acts normal. Then, the beat drops and all hell breaks loose.

College baseball teams, perhaps taking a cue from when Harvard University players were early adopters on the "Call Me Maybe" craze, are making "Harlem Shake" videos. This one, from Saint Leo University in Florida, is actually pretty fun: (WARNING: NSFW)

Here's the entry from James Madison University:

From Emory University:

Here are a few others to watch at your own risk:

With pro teams now in spring training, the question needs to be asked: Which MLB squad will jump on the "Harlem Shake" craze? We can imagine the San Francisco Giants making a video with Sergio Romo as the star. Or the Diamondbacks, mainly because Brandon McCarthy is so web savvy. But it might give Kirk Gibson a heart attack. The Blue Jays could do it. It would nice a team-building exercise for all the new players who need to get to know each other.

We don't care who does it, honestly. We just want to see it. So Big League Stew is throwing out the challenge to all 30 teams. Show us your "Harlem Shake."

This is one contest even the Astros can win.

Dance! Spring training is here.
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